The Stud

Kurozweki Stud Farm is centrally situated in the province of Święty Krzyż, in southern Poland. It is, from every point of view, an exceptional place located in one of the most attractive districts of the Kielce region. This old family heritage is the home of the only American Bison herd, which grazes on the fields nearby a historical fourteenth century palace. This is a perfect place to enjoy your free time. The palace provides accommodation and a range of activities including horse and carriage ridding through the countryside.

As many know, Kurozwęki is most famous for its Stud Farm, whose tradition and prestige spans over a hundred years. The particular environment of the area makes Kurozwęki an ideal place for breeding thoroughbred Arabian horses. The synergy of an enthusiastic, committed and experienced staff together with the favorable conditions nature offers have been the source of much success in racing, breeding, shows and sportive events. For many years, horses bred in Kurozweki have achieved top national and international recognition.

Thoroughbred Arabian horses, are renown for their incomparable beauty. Their oriental and unique beauty together with their gracefulness leave one with an unforgettable impression. Other characteristics such as exceptional intelligence, an ease in bonding and a will to cooperate with man has brought this breed of horses to often become man's faithful companion in life. We welcome you to come visit the Stud Farm in Kurozwęki and share the feelings and excitement we experience through working with these exceptional animals.