Stud Offer


OFFER FOR VISITING THE STUD (attractions available only after prior reservation!)

Visiting the stud farm with a guide (visiting time about 45 minutes)
• 25 PLN per person (groups of 10-25 people)
• 20 PLN per person (groups of 26-40 people)

Horse show for organized groups - (only ordered earlier) 400 PLN


Visiting the stud during the drive of horses from the pastures to the stables in the summer season with a guide. It is possible only by prior arrangement by phone +48660438425 at least 7 days in advance. The tour of the stud is available during the summer season, in the evening hours around 6.00 p.m. depending on the weather conditions and the length of the day. We recommend that visitors wear appropriate clothing for the expected weather conditions (full footwear or wellingtons in the rain). During the tour, the guide presents the history and achievements of the stud and discusses the current breeding profile. In addition, the guide introduces tourists to the history of the formation of the Arabian horse breed, discusses the conformation and more important types, and provides information on shows, auctions, racing and the use of Arabian horses. The knowledge provided by the guides is adequate to the age and interests of visitors.

During the show, we present how Arabian horses are best known - their oriental beauty and movement.

The rules of the stud:
• be careful with horses
• we follow the recommendations of the guide
• we do not enter the stable without a guide, children should be under the supervision of their guardians
• we do not enter the paddocks and pastures for horses
• we do not feed horses (only with the consent of the guide)
• we do not make noise, we behave calmly and quietly
• we follow the stud staff's instructions


It is possible to sign up for horse riding in summer season, below is the price list:
• Guided tour (about 20 minutes) - 50 PLN
• Lunge ride (30 min) - 70 PLN
• Individual riding on the arena (45 min) - 85 PLN
• Trail ride (60 min) - 100 PLN